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Why Pregnant Women Sweat Often

Many pregnant women, aka pregnant women who complain of excessive sweating. Sweat can pour very much in various parts of the body. As in the armpits, the area of the sex organs, thighs and including around the face and neck. Actually sweating is an attempt by the body to cool down body temperature when we feel hot. Sweat is produced by sweat glands and then out through the pores of the skin. So what, really, is what causes pregnant women to sweat often and how to work around this? Causes More Sweat When you are two people, your body works harder in many ways, so that you can sweat more. Here are some of the further causes: Increased blood flow and metabolism Pregnant woman's blood volume will increase by about 40% or more to adjust to the needs of the fetus. The pumping of blood in greater amounts throughout the pregnant woman's body can make the body temperature rise. Plus, pregnant metabolism is also in a state of working harder. Weight gain Pregnant women ex
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The content of Toothpaste for Effective Sensitive Teeth

Does your tooth ache or ache when eating ice cream or drinking hot tea? Or precisely when you brush your teeth? It could be because you have sensitive teeth. You can try using toothpaste for sensitive teeth to reduce tooth ache. Sensitive teeth occur when the base layer of a tooth called dentin becomes exposed, due to reduced gum tissue (a protective blanket that covers the tooth root). There are also many trigger factors that make our teeth sensitive, for example: Too excited when you brush your teeth, aka brushing too hard. Use hard toothbrush bristles. Using mouthwash that contains acid or alcohol. Gums down to make the root of the tooth visible, this condition can be caused by periodontitis. Inflammation of the gums or gingivitis. Plaque buildup on the tooth root surface. Plaque bacteria enter the dental pulp through cracked or broken teeth. Like grinding your teeth to make the enamel decrease. Use teeth whitening products or toothpastes that contain baking soda and per

Facts about sensitive teeth and the right way to deal with it

Sensitive teeth are temporary pain when doing certain activities such as brushing teeth, and eating or drinking hot or cold. If the sensation of pain arises, this condition can interfere with activity. The following facts and tips to deal with sensitive teeth you need to know. Sensitive teeth can cause simple activities, such as eating ice cream or drinking hot coffee, can be painful. A layer of enamel on healthy teeth will protect the crown of the tooth which is at the top of the gum line. Meanwhile, to protect tooth roots there is a layer called cementum. Then there is dentine under the enamel and cementum. Dentin itself is not as dense as enamel or cement. If the two protective layers of dentin are lost, then hot, cold, acidic, or sticky food can reach the nerves and cells in the teeth. This condition causes sensitive teeth. Recognize Factors that Cause Sensitive Teeth There are several factors that trigger the occurrence of sensitive teeth, including: Hole in the teeth. Bro

Knowing the Causes and How to Overcome Fever in Children Right

Don't panic right away when the child has a fever. Fever is a condition that increases body temperature which is a symptom, usually based on a condition, such as an infection. By being aware of the causes of fever, it is easier to overcome fever in children. Fever is believed to be the body's defense reaction against various things such as infections or other causes of fever. Chances are, when the child has a fever will feel uncomfortable, however, not all fever is dangerous, depending on the cause and treatment Various Causes of Fever Many things can cause fever in children. Parents are advised to know these causes so as not to be confused and panicked. Here are some of the causes of fever that often occurs in children: Immunization After immunization, babies often have a fever. This fever is mild and does not always occur, is part of the incident after immunization (KIPI). Generally short, health care workers usually provide parents with information and at least feve

Women, Recognize the Characteristics of Stage 1 Breast Cancer Before It's Too Late

Stage 1 breast cancer is an early stage breast cancer, in which lumps of cancer appear 2 cm or smaller in the breast. These lumps have not spread to lymph nodes in the armpits or other structures around the breast. Breast cancer is one type of cancer that is dangerous for women, after cervical cancer. Cancer cells will grow and attack your breast tissue, such as the milk outlet, lobules (milk producing factories), along with other supporting tissues such as fat tissue. So far the exact cause of breast cancer is unknown, one thing that is known is that this disease arises because of cell damage and changes in genetic traits in breast tissue. Some things are often associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer in women. These risk factors include unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and alcohol consumption, age over 50 years, obesity, radiation exposure, hormonal disorders, first menstrual age under 12 years, menopause at an older age, and heredity. A woman has a highe